Lazy Bones Dress Review

Miss Kitty Kat - Pinup

Todays blog is all about a brand that has quickly become a favourite of mine.  It’s become something that I purchase as a “treat” for myself and I now have 7 of their stunning pieces in my collection.  Picking which pieces to feature in my blog was difficult, so I decided to go with 4 that are slightly different in some way (colour, cut etc)  This does mean my blog will be laid out slightly differently than normal, so fingers crossed it’s easy to follow.

This blog also gave me an opportunity to create a more whimsical feel to the photos, which we had a great deal of fun shooting.  I hope you enjoy!

The Alice Maxi dress – Belvedere Print


A recent release from Lazy Bones, this dress does not disappoint.  The fabric  (voile) is lightweight, making it perfect for those hot Summer days.  The Belvedere print fabric…

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