Let’s all show some #LOVE to the wonderful creator of…

Nudie News


Let’s all show some #LOVE to the wonderful creator of these awesome #feminist #embroideries ❤❤❤ #Repost @fembroidery with @repostapp
Today is the Safer Internet Day with a special focus on cyber-bullying.
Offenders are using a large amount of degrading tactics to harass their victims. One of those methods is leaking nudes.
If someone sends you a photo of themselves being naked willingly, this means that the person consented to you seeing the picture. It doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to destroy the given trust by sharing that photo. Furthermore you are not welcomed to comment on the picture in a mean, discriminatory or creepy way. And don’t you dare to use the picture to threaten the person.
Some people might think “Isn’t it the fault of the depicted person for making such a photo and sending it to someone in the first place?” The answer is a clear…

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