Edging Update aka Explosive Pleasure

Orgasmic Secrets of a Christian Goddess

For the few of you following my (possibly TMI) experimental personal challenge in edging*, an update is offered.

Never have I purposely edged for a prolonged period of time. Frankly, I’m quite a fan of orgasms. Yet, the #juno30days challenge I found on Tumblr enticed me to join the women doing the challenge and I’m happy I did.

The only time I have experienced this much arousal in my life was a few years ago when in a D/s relationship with a wonderful Dom. He made orgasm denial a regular part of our play and edging was exquisite with him.

#juno30days has been an emotional rollercoaster along with intoxicating and even addictive levels of arousal. The required minimum 3 edges of day, according to challenge rules, soon turned into far more times of edging in a day.

A Dom friend kindly gave me a few assignments that enhanced the edging…

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