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pirateSome of you might
remember my post from a couple years back ,

— about the highly regarded
pulp and pin-up artist Enoch Bolles…..

I remember saying that Bolles
was not that well-known among non collectors,

….. at least when compared
to more famous artists like:

Gil Elvgren,
George Petty.

( If you don’t remember
the post I’m referring to,  it’s here. )

EnochBollesBut, since I’ve been posting pin-ups
( a couple of years now )

I’ve had more requests for the work
of Enoch Bolles than any other artist.

And I’m not really
all that surprised about that,

……. since Bolles really was such a great artist.

His style,
while anchored very firmly in the 1920’s,

still seems fresh and very lively…enoch

He always has a way of bringing out
the exuberant side of the girls in his pin-ups.

And, of course,
his captions are always memorable.

Several of my friends
have commented…

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